Kite Safaris


All trips are guided by a certified instructor in our fast and safe RIB boat or in cooperation with our partner center. Enjoy butter flat water meters away from the beach or have our instructors assist you in your advanced riding capabilities. For Kite or Wing Foilers, simply body drag 50m out and enjoy similar flat water conditions, ideal conditions to advance.

What's included

Gear transportation, lunch, water, beach assistance and rescues (if needed).

Why go on a kite safari?

Our location in Kappaladi, in the northwest of Sri Lanka, directly at the lagoon as well as the reef break offer amazing opportunities to advance. But there are also other fantastic spots around to explore.  

Looking to do a downwinder? Some of the spots can be reached by downwinding, and others you can return home by downwinding.  

We have no set days for safaris, so we are flexible and work with you to meet your needs. Simply mention it at the time of booking or inform us during your stay (min. 2 - 8 people).


Kitesurfing at Vella Island & Mini Vella in Sri Lanka

Flat water paradise!

About a 45 minute boat ride north of Kalpitiya is Vella Island, an amazing flat water paradise with room for everyone to have their own spot if they wish. It is a very isolated place with only a few fishermen for company. You can either head downwind from Dream Spot to Vella in the morning, or if you'd rather conserve your energy you can just go by boat and enjoy the flat water when you get there. It is a nice easy downwinder, with the boat on hand it is safe for anyone to give it a try and it is a good experience for people who have not ridden in the ocean before as the chop does not get too big.


Dates: on request
Duration: day trip or overnighter
Time: 8 am - 6 pm 
Level: all levels 


Day trip: Lunch on Vella island, boat support & coaching on request 
Overnighter: lunch, dinner, breakfast, lunch & tents to sleep in 

Puttalam Lagoon

Explore the islands!

Explore the numerous islands in the Puttalam lagoon, let our guides show you the best spots and do downwinders from island to island, safe in the knowledge that the boat is there to help. This is an ideal trip for a first kite safari as the water is shallow and the spots are close together. All our safaris are customizable, so you can choose to stay at the first amazing spot you come to, or mix it up and go downwind to a few different spots. Finally, for those who don't want to go downwind, you can just take the boat to any of the spots, just ask our guide for the best option!


Dates: upon request
Duration: day trip
Level: intermediate/advanced

What's included?

Boat support, guide(s), coaching on request

Kitesurfing at Puttalam lagoon in Sri Lanka

Dream spot

Freestylers and foilers paradise

There is a reason it is called the Dream Spot, you will love the flat water if you are into freestyle riding or enjoy blasting around. We offer day trips here for those who want to try a different spot, and it is also an ideal spot for lessons, so if you have a mixed-ability group this could be the perfect safari for you.


Dream Spot stands out as one of the rare locations besides the ocean where the water is deep enough for foiling without the risk of hitting the ground. Moreover, the ample space available ensures you won't be confined to small circles during your rides. Venture out and fully explore the potential of your foil!

Options, options ...

You could easily enjoy an entire day here having fun, but the excitement does not have to stop there! You have the option to extend your stay and continue your adventure to Vella Island the next day, either by a fun 30km downwind journey or by boat.

Jeep or boat

Dream Spot is located at the far end of the beach, making it accessible only by Jeep. If you opt for a day trip, you can choose between taking the boat or our 4x4 vehicle. However, if you plan an overnight stay with the intention of embarking on a downwinder to another spot, the best choice is undoubtedly to travel by boat.

Dates: upon request 
Duration: day trip or overnighter
Time: 8 am to 6 pm
Level: all levels (minimum riding upwind)



Day trip: lunch, coaching on request 
Overnighter: lunch, dinner, breakfast, lunch & tents to sleep in


Downwinder to a great wave spot!

You can ride downwind to Donkey Point directly from camp, enjoying the ocean swell and waves on the way, then stop for a nice wave ride once you get there before hopping in the jeep for the ride back to camp. It is a nice little downwinder for the intermediate and advanced riders looking for some wave action when you get bored of the flat water lagoons! If you wish, we can arrange for an instructor to join you on the water.


Don't want to downwind?

No problem! Donkey point is also accessible by Jeep so we can drop you off and pick you up.

Dates: every day
Duration: 1/2 day
Level: intermediate to advanced



Jeep pickup, guided by kite instructor on request